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Soundpruf is a new personalized music dashboard for every serious fan that connects directly to your Spotify account.

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Have you ever wondered how many hours you’ve spent listening to your top music genres or artists? The answer might surprise you. Compare hours listened yearly, monthly, or even this week with help from our music dashboard, customized to your personal taste.

Now what if every time you played a song, a couple pennies went into a jar based on how valuable your listen was to that artist at that time? And what if you could let those pennies add up and eventually spend them on things like concert tickets, artist merch, and new albums?

Cool, right?

Welcome to Soundpruf.

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What if you could earn a little extra cash for your streams during the phase of your career when it’s particularly needed - the early, up and coming, high-potential phase? What if that new income source allowed you more financial flexibility?

Welcome to Soundpruf.

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